You’re a creative who wants to make a living on your own terms. Whether that means a side project you love or a business that lets you live anywhere in the world, you want to keep it simple but meaningful.

But maybe you…

  • Can’t decide on the one “right” idea to start your business.
  • Get overwhelmed trying to figure it all out by yourself.
  • Want to own your own time, but can’t imagine quitting your job yet.
  • Feel isolated when friends and family don’t get it.
  • Aren’t inspired. You make what seems to work instead of what’s true to you.
  • Struggle with exhaustion and creative burnout.

I’ve been a content creator making a living online for more than a decade, and I’ve been through every one of these struggles. I’ve learned a lot about what works, and what’s important.

That’s why I launched this site: to help creatives leverage digital media to make a living on their own terms.

But this site isn’t a one-way street. Let’s grow into a community that helps content creators succeed online and build location-independence.

You’ll find tutorials that help you take action on topics like blogging, digital downloads, live streaming, and other online content.

You’ll also be inspired by insightful profiles of creators already doing what they love.

Who Am I?

Hey there! I’m Ali. I made this site to help creatives leverage digital media to make a living on their own terms.

I’ve supported myself with various passive income streams for more than a decade. I’ve built profitable niche and authority websites and also made a full income from selling digital art assets online. On the side, I’ve done things like consulting, domain name sales, and online shops.

When people see that I work for myself, sometimes they ask how I do it. Sometimes they want me to help them do it, too. I won’t say it’s easy, but what I will say is that once you have a system, owning your own time is invaluable.

I’ve thought a lot about what makes my businesses work, what would make them better, and what I would do differently if I started over.

  • Even profitable projects can sometimes feel like a waste of potential.
  • Bloggers and marketers are secretive about their niches, which can be awkward.
  • My pride in my work diminished with the less creativity I put in.
  • And as an introvert, I sometimes kick myself for not traveling more despite my location independence.

It turns out that you can build a lot of momentum in a direction that works, but isn’t what you really want.

That’s why last year I walked away from projects I didn’t like, sold websites I was no longer passionate about, and even got rid of half of my belongings. I craved simplicity, purpose, and freedom.

This gave me fresh eyes, and I decided on the values I would make room for in my work and life, and the ones that I hope will inform this site.

  • Creativity: To create things and to be proud of the things we create.
  • Freedom: The freedom to be the owner of our own time and to be ourselves. To prize experiences over things, and to travel more with location-independent work.
  • Community: To uplift and encourage others. To collaborate and to connect.

I know from experience that when you do what you love, and find that special momentum, that you start to create your own luck, build meaningful connections, and feel more like your best self.

★ What’s the point of creative work that doesn’t feel like a part of your most important story? How does it feel to work on it if it doesn’t fulfill a need or drive within you?

★ What’s the point if you don’t have time to experience what you really love? Will you keep putting it off for tomorrow, or when you have enough?

This is my invitation to you that we go on this journey together, and find creative and financial freedom with location independence.

Let’s build habits that are true to ourselves and make room for inspiring life experiences.