You’re a streamer who wants to find your perfect audience, grow a community, and embrace expressing yourself fully. Whether that means a variety stream with a community you love or a full-blown business, you want to keep it on track and meaningful.

But maybe you…

  • Feel frustrated because you aren’t getting noticed.
  • Get overwhelmed trying to figure it all out by yourself.
  • Want to own your own time, but can’t grow enough to quit your job yet.
  • Feel isolated when friends and family don’t get it.
  • Feel slumps, and struggle with creative burnout.
  • Feel torn between profitable trends and your real potential.
  • Have a hard time finding your tribe in the streaming community.

This site started with a content creator who made a living online for years. Who’s been through all of these struggles. Who learned what works, and still tests what works every day.

To help creatives use streaming to make a living on their own terms, being totally true to themselves.

But though Creatoko started with one person, we’re proud to say this site is now a we.

Who We Are: We are a small team of streamers, writers, and designers masterminding positive growth for streamers through every part of their journey. (Stay tuned! Team bios coming soon!)

We analyze what makes streams work and what would make them better. We’re doing it ourselves.

Here, you can take action on topics like stream ideas, hardware, audience growth, and more.

You’ll also be inspired by insightful profiles of creators already doing what they love.

We’re here to learn and surpass our wildest expectations for ourselves.

Join Us!

This isn’t a one-way street. Send your comments and suggestions so we can serve everyone — and possibly even join us!

At Creatoko we’re now looking for writers, streamers, designers, and other content creators to join as partners or team members. Let’s grow into a positive community that helps streamers succeed on Twitch and YouTube while blooming into their best selves!

Get in touch with us here if you:

  • stream and have a content suggestion or question
  • are experienced as a writer or creator and want to join our team (please include your work), or
  • if you’re interested in becoming one of our advertisers or partners (please include your brand and website).

Email: creatoko@gmail.com

Creatoko Values and Mission Statement

Naming our streaming problems gave us fresh eyes to decide the values we’ll commit to for this site.


  • Profitable stream trends can feel like a waste of personal potential.
  • Creatives are sometimes secretive, which can be awkward.
  • Our pride in our work drops any time our creativity flags.


  • Creativity: To create things and to be proud of the things we create.
  • Freedom: The freedom to be the owner of our own time and to be ourselves.
  • Community: To uplift and encourage others. To collaborate and to connect.

We know there is a way to do what you love, find that special momentum, build meaningful connections, and feel more like your best creative self. When you stream from a place of purpose you create your own luck, always finding yourself in the right place at the right time.

★ What’s the point of creative work that doesn’t feel like a part of your most important story? How does it feel to work on it if it doesn’t fulfill a need or drive within you?

★ What’s the point if you don’t have time to experience what you really love? Will you keep putting it off for tomorrow, or when you have enough?

This is our invitation to you that we go on this journey together, and find creative freedom and community that supports not just a stream, but a life, we love.

Let’s build together and make room for a creative, inspired life!