Write for Us

If you have experience as a content creator, digital nomad, or generally creative and inspired person who knows things, consider writing for us.

Our Ideal Writer:

  • Has a high standard for content and a deep understanding of their topic.
  • Gets to the heart of the matter, and is incisive and meaningful. No fluff.
  • Is aligned with our values and community. Read about our mission.
  • Can genuinely help the reader with actionable and insightful information.
  • Gets material across in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand.
  • Doesn’t rehash other content or Google results for a given topic.

We prefer submissions to be complete articles for our consideration. Articles must be unique, so they shouldn’t appear on any other website, including your own. Your byline with a photo and brief bio will appear at the end of articles.

If you’d like to pitch an article idea instead, please send links to your writing samples and/or details about your experience with content tools, etc.

What to Write About

We specifically write for content creators who want to make money online and have creative and personal freedom. Article topics might include:

  • Tutorials and Guides: These articles tell readers how to do something related to creating content. They can be about art, design, live streaming on Twitch or YouTube, writing for a living, photography, vlogging, and more.
  • Software: Write about using software for specific tasks. The more specific or tailored to a type of content creator, the better.
  • Hardware Setups: Your article might describe a hardware setup or build for a specific type of content creator. This post could also be a comparison or curated list.
  • Platforms: Write about platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, specific marketplaces, and other distribution channels.
  • News: Platform news, algorithm updates, and other things that affect content creators and consumers.
  • Purpose: Articles about purpose, motivation, time management, and more are perfect if they are specific to our audience.
  • Remote Work: Articles about the digital nomad lifestyle, co-working spaces, work and travel destinations, and tips or personal experiences.
  • Personal Stories: Articles will be considered. If you have a particular project or interesting experience, you might also consider being interviewed.


  • Word Count: Posts should be a minimum of 1,200 words; 1,500-2,000 is better. No fluff or padding the article with filler words. We want clear yet information-rich content.
  • Logical and Concise: Make it easy for readers to follow the logic and flow of your ideas. Join your thoughts with connecting words and transition sentences. Don’t repeat ideas.
  • Scannable: Don’t let your article look like a wall of text that makes eyes glaze over. Break your piece up with H2 (and perhaps H3) subheadings. Use plenty of whitespace, meaning paragraphs shouldn’t be long. Bulleted and numbered lists help.
  • Conclusion: Try to include meaningful, specific takeaways in your conclusion.
  • Citations: Cite data, research, or sweeping claims with a link to the source.


  • Know your reader. If the article is an advanced guide to integrating Twitch with some tool, they probably don’t need an intro paragraph explaining what Twitch is.
  • Avoid bad openings in general. Earn the reader’s curiosity. Entice them to read the next sentence. Then the next.
  • Use shorter words:  Can Latin-root words be replaced with Anglo-Saxon ones? For example, could you replace opportunity with chance? Or utilize with use? Selection with choice?


  • Check numbers, and make sure things like percentages, fractions, and ratios match.
  • Check that quotations are correct and attributed to the right person.
  • If sources conflict, say so.

Submitting an Article:

Please include with your submission:

  • Article title
  • Article text
  • Your name.
  • Your bio – Around 100 words
  • Link to your website
  • Links to your social media profiles that you want included
  • A bio photo
  • Any professional titles


  • Articles may be edited for clarity or completeness.
  • Submissions are not guaranteed to be published.

What We Don’t Accept:

  • We don’t accept posts meant to promote a brand or website. If you’re interested in sponsorships or partnership opportunities, please contact us.
  • No surface-level articles. Get to the heart of the matter and be incisive.
  • Never rehash or spin content from another website.